The latest dots solution to the fresh new noun that’s here when you look at the actual speech

If you state, dirig-kur-s^age, you’re saying ‘beyond those individuals mountains’. The kur-s^e in this case implies ‘those mountains here inside view’, therefore, the speaker claims ‘exceeding otherwise higher than men and women mountains there’.

Also, a prevalent Center East ancestry of the progressive society of your own marshes regarding southern Iraq means that whether your Marsh Arabs is actually descendants of ancient Sumerians, in addition to the Sumerians was indeed probably autochthonous and not out-of Indian otherwise Southern area Western ancestry

>I’m writing a magazine with the Goodness, to possess an approach category. I’m looking to confirm >your development tale try a narrative about the beginning away from just one, every single >each one of united states is our own God. You will find read each one of Zecharia Sitchin’s instructions >and you may believe that what the guy blogged is real, however, I think the real >business is just a reflection of one’s cumulative internal or spiritual business. I am >curious off how you would convert – Nibiru. I have tried personally the dictionary and you may >various other of these and you may Sitchin translates it as “The whole world off crossing”. I get >society otherwise body part but not brand new crossing. In my opinion one to perhaps it has got >one thing to manage which have a lowering of your own real in order to equal this new spiritual. >You certainly will that getting probable?

Brand new Sumerians was indeed wise on ethical and important issues, however, I do not think that these people were since the conceptual since you are being. Neberu is an enthusiastic Akkadian keyword, perhaps not a beneficial Sumerian word. It regarded a lake crossing, ford, or an effective ferry (boat). The metropolis out-of Nippur was most likely located at eg a location. The planet Jupiter, and that we all know is after named Neberu, belonged on the captain goddess on the Babylonian pantheon, Marduk. We do not has actually facts, but earlier it could features belonged into the Sumerian Enlil, the new forehead goodness off Nippur and captain deity in the Sumerian pantheon. There is the possibility one Neberu together with regarded the newest North Star. New Sumerians had a tendency to opportunity whatever they realized in the world onto new sky.

>I’m attempting to find a specialist throughout the Sumerian language who’ll >ensure otherwise debunk Zechariah Sitchin’s states away from Sumerian interpretation. Given that >far when i can say, nobody with a beneficial scholarly and you will reputable record have >ever confirmed otherwise denied their claims.

>His eight guides about new Annunaki have remaining unchallenged >consistently. Whenever you are new to his really works, it is his assertion >you to sumerian messages verify that the human race are genetically altered >in order to service a superior extraterrestrial race called the annunaki.

This new Sumerians did not have a keyword to have religion, given that worshipping the fresh gods in the their temples is actually first on their lives.

Overall the results imply that the introduction of liquid buffalo breeding and you may rice farming, probably regarding the Indian sub-region, merely somewhat influenced brand new gene pool of autochthonous people of the brand new area

As you can imagine, it is difficult getting a reputation because of their faith, once they you should never have even a word to possess faith.

Probably not. It described themselves because black-on course people in addition to publication by Cavalli-Sforza et al., The annals and Geography away from Person Genetics, means that their modern day descendants will be folks of Kuwait.

Postscript added study of the DNA out of 1ple out-of Iraqi regulation arrive at next findings: “Proof of genetic stratification ascribable to your Sumerian development was considering by the Y-chromosome investigation where J1-Page08 part reveals a community extension, almost latest for the Sumerian City state several months you to definitely distinguisheded Southern Mesopotamia. Likewise, an even more old record shared with Northern Mesopotamia try shown by the smaller illustrated Y-chromosome origin J1-M267*. ” “Looking for new hereditary footprints from Sumerians: a survey of Y-chromosome and you will mtDNA adaptation in the Marsh Arabs away from Iraq”, Nadia Al-Zahery1, med Good Hamod23, Baharak Hooshiar Kashani1, Anna Olivieri1, Antonio Torroni1, Augusta S Santachiara-Benerecetti1 and you can Ornella Semino, BMC Evolutionary Biology 2011, .

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