We feed two times a day, prawns, angel formula and you will dehydrated seaweed

Lunare wrasse I was thinking of adding a lunare wrasse to my 125, the tank has- 1) Maculosus angel ( 6″) 2) black durgeon ( 5 1/2″) 3) panther grouper (6″) the grouper should be leaving this tank (probably the same benaughty day the wrasse would come in) other possible tankmates would be – purple and/or Sohal tang I have looked at your website and have noted that the lunare is an aggressive species, would that aggression be OK in this system? What and how often should I feed? how hardy is this fish? Is their a better wrasse choice in terms of aggression and hardiness? thanks for the advice – Yaron Aronowicz >>

Invertebrates hello bob, moving collectively back at my aquarium and receiving far pleasure. matter tank mates are pretty docile cut a beneficial effective lunare wrasse. any invertebrates simpatico with this particular boy? many thanks much tap >> Hmm, really, not a good gamble which have mixing much when it comes to invertebrates with this specific varieties (Thalassoma lunare) as a whole. but have you a keen easygoing specimen? Concerning only route to wade ‘s the “bio-assay” when trying certain hardy particular low-vertebrates and see if the Wrasse renders them become. Possibly a fabric/Toadstool silky coral to begin with? Zoanthids? Not short crustaceans. Bob Fenner

Lunare Wrasse I simply extra a great cuatro-5″ Yellow Water Lunare Wrasse back at my 90 girl. fish just container. I’ve a great 7″ Majestic, good 5″ Asfur, an excellent cuatro” Yellow Tang, a beneficial Percula, good Three Stripe Damsel, and you can a lime Tail Damsel. The brand new wrasse has been doing just the thing for regarding the a few months but he has just reach harass my personal several Angels! He is always picking out and you may damaging indeed there beautiful fins. We removed the newest Wrasse for approximately 10 weeks right after which so the fresh Angels could get a hassle crack. When i came back the Wrasse the guy went on to select during the fins. Today I’m removing him once more. I imagined that these have been supposed to be peaceful people fish? Could there be any pledge that the conclusion may differ? Discover plenty of concealing places regarding container and i also actually experimented with reducing the temperatures because of the several degree more a great seven-day period. Maybe I’m not eating enough? Many thanks, Chuck >> Most likely the giving can assist. but that it container is actually a tiny short for everyone these types of “territorial” fishes. in the open the 2 angels and also the Thalassoma lunare do never ever put up with for each and every other people exposure such a tiny volume because the 90 gallons. Bob Fenner, who does trade brand new wrasse inside the.

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We have a comb wrasse, lionfish red-colored volitans), panther grouper, and you may a beneficial clown produce into the good 225 girl tank. I was thinking out of adding a lunare wrasse. will there be one compatibility problems that you might anticipate? matt. >> Hmm, the fresh new Lunare Wrasse (Thalassoma lunare) could become a bit a good bully with time/increases. if this was indeed myself, I would explore an easier-supposed member of the brand new genus or a great Halichoeres wrasse (similar within the seems, much less indicate) as an alternative. hortulanus? A good-looking seafood today. Bob Fenner

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Decorated fairy wrasse Am i able to remain a great 4 inch decorated fairy wrasse inside the a good 75 gallon reef tank. Would it not irritate my cleaner shrimps. would it be easy to maintain. I’m thanking regarding the purchasing one but I understand little regarding the wrasses. >> Fairy Wrasses (genus Cirrhilabrus) are great for dependent, peaceful lay-ups. he could be able feeders on most well-known tank food. and although timid are easy to look after. and can get-off the Vacuum Shrimps be. Bob Fenner, who has got questionnaire parts to your wrasses (household members Labridae), some of the principal genera and you may species of include in it highest (600 variety plus) loved ones stored from the url: WetWebMedia you could start.

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